5 Ways to Preserve Childhood Memories of Your Kids

Most parents support the notion that their kids’ childhood speeds by in the blink of an eye. You live it one day at a time, but before you realise the child is all grown up and no more fits in your lap. Earlier, parents had a limited option on how they wanted to preserve and document their child’s activities to revisit them later. This article discusses some exciting ways to preserve childhood memories of your kids and cherish them throughout life. Read on!

Today, with technological advancement, parents have unlimited options to pick their way of storing memories and capturing moments. It has now become a trend to collect memories in unique ways.

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Making a portfolio book of their artwork is one of the best ways to preserve their thought and childhood memories.

Make a Portfolio book of their Artwork. 

Making a portfolio book of their artwork is one of the best ways to preserve their thought and childhood memories. You do not need to select which art to keep and which to discard. Instead, you can collect and store every drawing your child draws, be it with a pen, crayon, pencil, or hand-painted. 

Get a Portrait of Your Child 

If you like being unique with everything you do, we are sure you will like this idea. You can look for a portrait artist for hire and get his services to preserve the innocent face on a portrait. You can choose from different sketches, such as oil painting, acrylic, pencil, etc. Some artists can use photographs and paint a beautiful picture of your child, while others need you to visit their studios. Place these portraits in their room, living room, or wherever it suits your house. Experts recommend that you should consider illustrations for toddlers. 

Video Compilations

Today, parents have access to smartphones; thus, they use them to record their videos while they are in action. They could be simply taking baby steps or trying to eat independently. Make small clips and later compile them to make a long video. Store the video in a hard drive and watch it to cherish the good old days. 

Pen down their Quotes 

You will find your kids speaking the craziest things during the day. You can pen down some of their quotes and dialogues and ensure that you write them exactly how they communicate. So, when you read it later in life, you can mouth their expressions and enjoy it together. If you do not have access to pen and paper, make sure that you type it on your mobile before you forget the line. 

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Make a Memory box

Creating a memory box is the easiest way to preserve memories. It can be a wooden box, a plastic box, or a special box that you ordered online. It would help if you stored it someplace far from the reach of your children and other family members. You can put in the things you think are related to your child and worth keeping. Items like first-hand paintings, artwork, a photograph with his grandparents, etc. 

Final Words 

You might feel that this is an extra job for you, but it is all worth it. One day looking back at your kid’s childhood memories, pictures, videos, audio, artwork, etc., will make you feel good because no matter their age, they will always be your child. You could even enjoy sharing in the memories for years to come.

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