How Much Should Kids’ Opinions Matter When Buying a Home?

Relocations are one of the most stressful events in adults’ lives. But what happens with children? Moving house affects kids more than we think, and underestimating their feelings can lead to potential problems in the adjustment process. Overwhelmed with all the tasks they need to do before the big day comes, parents often don’t know how to deal with their kids’ emotions. Being part of the moving process and decision-making is crucial for accepting all the changes and the new home. But, where are boundaries? If you’re wondering how much kids’ opinions matter when buying a home and moving – you’re in the right place.

Do kids’ opinions matter at all?

Even though they are ‘just’ kids, you and your young ones will be sharing the home you buy for a long time. Although kids don’t make a final decision, their opinions do matter. A family needs a new home for everyone to feel good while staying there. So, to give your children a positive, encouraging environment they will enjoy and love – be sure to include them in some decision making.

Kids need kids-friendly features

The way to make your young ones happy is to provide them with a home where they will be happy, healthy, and secure. Some of the kid-friendly features include:

  • kids’ bedroom – in case you have more than one kid, the ideal home would have a separate bedroom for each child;
  • Garden – an outdoor space where your kids can play and be active is an essential feature for young ones, but for the adults, too;
  • Location – another critical factor when buying a home with kids is location. This means your home should have decent proximity to their school, friends, and some parks or playgrounds.

These factors are the things you can discuss with your children, and you will show that your kids’ opinions matter when buying a home. It will clarify that you value your children’s views and them as people. Apart from these factors, you shouldn’t bother your young ones with anything else. Financial aspects are not their problem, although some financial literacy is necessary, depending on their age. So make other, safe, practical decisions with your partner.

A family just moved into a new home

What’s a perfect family home? The one where all the members feel safe.

Emotional factors

Another reason why kids’ opinions matter when buying a home is related to their feelings. Imagine someone deciding to move to an unknown location, and you have no say in that? It’s natural for them to feel scared, nervous, and even reject the new home for a while. For that reason, including them in the process can help them relax and feel that you are doing this together. Kids will appreciate that their opinion is valued and that you have given them some control and helped them adjust to the new environment. If they can vote on certain factors in the home buying process, your kids will adapt to the new place much more quickly, making this relocation a lot simpler.

Be open and communicate

Asking and accepting your kids’ opinions is okay. However, there’s a catch you should be aware of. Being unable to fulfil their request after saying you agree with them can make them feel rejected and less optimistic about the whole thing. Therefore, try to avoid giving promises you can’t keep. Make sure your kids understand that buying a home and homeownership, in general, are very serious tasks. Be honest and communicate clearly about their requests and expectations. Decide on the priorities and see what you can all do to make your new home as kid-friendly as possible. But it should be clear that no house is perfect, and there might be things they will not like. Remember: dealing with the minor details you or your kids don’t like about the house should end on a positive note. It would be best to have clear priorities and stress less about the details. Make sure you find a home that meets all the top priority needs and requests of your family, and you can later make other things work.

Mother and son discussing if kids' opinions matter when buying a home

It’s not easy to deal with broken promises, so be careful when making them in the first place.

Decorating kids’ rooms

Picking and decorating kids’ rooms proves that kids’ opinions matter when buying a home. You should let your loved ones decide on the colours and main design ideas. However, if they are not old enough to figure it out on your own, make a selection of some great designs and let them pick a favourite.

Choosing garden accessories

Limited space in your garden will make you face decisions about what toys or accessories you should get. As you can’t make all the wishes come true, let your kids decide what items they will play the most with. Swings, a trampoline, a treehouse – check the landscape together and figure out what ‘equipment’ would suit it the best.

Should kids participate in the moving process?

In general, kids should have a part in the moving process. However, it’s best to avoid stressing them out and give them more straightforward tasks to do, such as decluttering their toys or packing books into boxes. Leaving the old house, neighbours, and friends is stressful enough, so it’s good to be delicate with their feelings during the moving process.

A person holding a small wooden house

A new home for your family can involve a lot of stress in the beginning.

Moving with kids is a whole new level of stress and complexity. That’s why parents should do everything they can to simplify the process. It’s true that kids’ opinions matter when buying a home, but don’t spend too much time making decisions. Buying a house and moving should be fast and straightforward, so wasting time on unnecessary details is something you should avoid. It’s time to go house-hunting and make a new family home!

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