6 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep as a Family

It’s that time of year again – the start of a new chapter, a chance to leave the past behind and set intentions for the future. It’s natural to feel excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. On the other hand, it’s a chance to hit the reset button, leave the past behind, and set intentions for the future. But sometimes, it can be hard to stick to those well-meaning resolutions we set for ourselves. That’s where New Year’s resolutions you can keep as a family come into play!

By working together and supporting each other, your family can increase your chances of achieving your goals. Not only will this help to foster a sense of unity and support, but it will also allow for the opportunity to improve as a unit and strengthen your bonds. So why not try something new this year and make some resolutions as a family? To help you, we’ve researched family tips and found six resolutions that your family can work towards keeping in the coming year.

New Year’s resolutions you can keep as a family

While it can be tough to stick to our personal resolutions, studies show that families who make commitments together are more likely to honour them. So why not choose New Year’s resolutions you can keep as a family?

Family of four standing around a kitchen island and having breakfast
There are plenty of New Year’s resolutions you can keep as a family that will further strengthen your bonds.

The best way to decide on your resolutions is to have each family member answer these two questions: What worked for you as a family this year, and what didn’t? By taking the lead and being honest about what worked and didn’t for you as a parent, children of any age will understand the value of goal setting. Then, together, you can work on some new goals for 2023. Here are just some of the ideas to get you started.

#1 Get active together

A resolution that can benefit the entire family is to prioritise physical activity. This could involve setting a goal to exercise a certain number of times per week, signing up for a family-friendly sport or activity, or simply going for a walk or bike ride together regularly. Exercise has numerous benefits, including improved mental health, increased energy levels, and better sleep, so it’s definitely worth making it a priority in the new year. Always remember – kids learn from you, and it’s essential to help them adopt healthy habits early.

#2 Cut on screen time

With the proliferation of screens in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that screen time has become a major source of contention in many families. Resolving to reduce screen time can improve communication and relationships within the family and have numerous other benefits, such as improved sleep and increased creativity.

Family of four sitting on a couch in a living room and playing a board game
One of the New Year’s resolutions you can keep as a family is to replace screen time with fun family time whenever possible.

Consider setting limits on screen time or finding alternative activities to do together as a family. Even when you feel the only solution is handing your kids their smartphones, there’s always a better way. For instance, if you’re in for a family, you can make it stress-free even without help from technology. Simply research tips on moving with kids, and you’ll find plenty of interesting methods to make moving fun for everyone without the assistance of YouTube or Netflix.

#3 Spend more quality time together

In our busy world, it’s easy to become consumed by our schedules and responsibilities, leaving little space for meaningful family time. However, by resolving to prioritise spending quality time together, you can strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories. This can involve setting aside regular family game nights, going on monthly outings, or simply making an effort to have dinner together more often.

#4 Adopt healthier habits

Incorporating more healthy habits into your family’s lifestyle is another resolution that can have long-lasting positive effects for everyone. This could involve eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting back on sugary treats, or trying out new, nutritious recipes together. Not only will this help to improve physical health, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. It’s always a good time to start taking better care of your health!

#5 Give back together

Teaching your children the value of giving back to the community is an important lesson and what better time to start than the new year? Encourage your family to find ways to volunteer or give back to those in need. This could involve participating in a charity event, donating time or resources to a local organisation, or simply performing small acts of kindness for those around you. Not only will this help to make a positive impact in the world, but it will also foster a sense of compassion and gratitude in your family.

For example, it is good to organise a family decluttering session and encourage kids to donate things they no longer want or need. This will not only teach your kids the value of giving back, but they’ll also gain valuable organisational skills. However, don’t be surprised if your kids have difficulty letting go of their stuff first. If that’s the case, listen to the advice from experts from Rockstar Pro Movers and store those belongings in a storage unit until your kids are ready to let go of them.

#6 Practice gratitude

One resolution that can significantly impact overall happiness and well-being is to practice gratitude daily. Encourage each family member to take a few minutes each day to reflect on the things they are thankful for. You can even consider starting a gratitude jar where everyone can write their thankful thoughts and drop them in. Not only will this help to cultivate a positive attitude, but it will also provide a tangible reminder of all the good things in life.

Two kids giving a New Year's gift to their mother in a decorated living room
On top of gifting your loved ones this new year, think about ways to show gratitude and help those in need.

You could also try starting a gratitude journal, where each family member writes down three things they are thankful for daily. This simple practice can have a powerful impact on mental health and well-being. It’s also an excellent opportunity for the family to connect and share their thoughts and feelings. Imagine how fun it will be to read your input to your grandchildren one day.

Wrapping up

Making New Year’s resolutions that you can keep as a family is a great way to strengthen family bonds while having fun. It’s a rewarding experience filled with lovely memories everyone will cherish forever. On top of that, you can always find ways to preserve memories for your kids and laugh at them together after many years. And remember – the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey of self-improvement as a family. So why not make this the year you and your family work towards making positive changes together? Happy New Year!

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