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Is the Traditional Nativity Play a Thing of the Past?

Is the traditional nativity play a thing of the past? As we near the end of another decade, it got me thinking about the traditions that seem to be fading. Nativity plays, carol singing, Christmas cards they all seem to be a thing of the past, with schools looking for alternatives, people donating to charities (I’m all for it) rather than giving Christmas cards but are we losing touch with our history?


The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a gift guide landing on the doormat or these days our inboxes. It got me thinking about the thousands if not millions of bloggers who every year write or update a gift guide. So I asked for some help and was in undated with gift guide ideas for cats, dogs, kids to the unusual, eco-friendly and everything in between. I am pleased to invite you to the ultimate Christmas gift guide.


20 Christmas Traditions to Start with your Family

We often spend time with our families during the holidays and during these times without realising we create traditions. Whether it be collecting a real tree with your Dad, playing chess with your Nan or going to church. These are all family traditions but perhaps you don’t even have any or realise that it is in fact a tradition. Here are 20 Christmas traditions to start with your family this year.


10 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you look around our house at Christmas, you will often find a Christmas craft from years before. A battered snowman, a paper angel that has seen better days and homemade baubles with cotton wool snow and a cute photo. I could throw them out, but the sentimental value means more than the item. It’s a part of their childhood, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to that yet. Here are 10 Christmas craft ideas for kids.


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