My Top 8 Must Watch Christmas Movies on Netflix

Today, I thought I would share my top eight must-watch Christmas Movies on Netflix. If you aren’t aware of Netflix and all its delights, it is essentially an app to stream movies or television shows for a monthly subscription. It isn’t just Netflix; new streaming services are always emerging. Plus, you can even get extras like the best vpn for streaming movies to help improve your viewing experience. And while there are hundreds of streaming VPNs to choose from, the best ones will help unblock movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world, as well as help your content run as smoothly as possible.

Let’s get into my top eight must-watch Christmas Movies on Netflix.

My Top 8 Must Watch Christmas Movies on Netflix

The Christmas Chronicles – We watched this as a family for the first time in Christmas 2018 and adored it. If you haven’t seen it, you have to. It’s cute, funny, entertaining and probably one of my top Christmas movies of all time. A brother and sister crash Santa’s sleigh, so they feel obliged to help Santa save Christmas. There is now a second one that is on my list to watch!

The Holidate – If you like Hallmark Christmas movies, you will love this, it was hilarious in places, and it is definitely one I could watch again! Especially as Luke Bracey has got better with age.

Angel Falls Christmas – I know we all like to hate on Chad Michael Murray, but when Angel Falls Christmas appeared on Netflix, I decided to give it a go as it starred Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna Tate-Duncan in 90210), and they have amazing chemistry, and it was your typical cheesy hallmark movie that made me go awwww a lot, and I know it has received some mixture reviews, but it’s just a light-hearted, easy-going, wholesome Christmas movie.

Christmas With You – I wasn’t sure about Freddie Prince Jr in a Mexican-inspired movie, but it’s so cute and a cosy-warm rom-com we need more of! It reminded me of a flipped version of Music and Lyrics, very similar in design, but it had all the feels, and at just an hour and a half, it’s a quick Sunday morning hangover watch, and if nothing else watch it for Freddie, he’s adorable.

Falling for Christmas – We all remember the crash that was Lindsay Lohan (if you are in your 30’s), and I was a huge Mean Girls fan and enjoyed so many of her movies, so when Falling for Christmas was annoyed, I couldn’t wait to watch it, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s extremely wholesome, easy going and full of Christmas. Showing her as a person who grows through her meeting with Chord Overstreets’ character. There are some nods to Mean Girls as well, which was a cute tough and Lindsay was on top form!

Christmas Made To Order – Another TV movie that doesn’t disappoint. The guy is a workaholic and doesn’t care about Christmas until he meets the girl who is a Christmas decorator, and you can probably tell the rest. Excellent Sunday afternoon watch!

The Christmas Switch: Switched Again – If you watched the first, you would understand the format. However, this time there are THREE of them! Yes, three. Which makes for interesting viewing. Worth a watch.

Dash & Lily – Technically not a TV movie, but it should be! It didn’t feel right not including it as I LOVED IT! You can’t help loving Lily, and you can’t help rooting for Dash. A cute series to binge-watch on a quiet day, and it’s easy to watch!

My top eight must-watch Christmas movies on Netflix. Do you agree with my list? Do you think my choices are awful? Have I missed the best one? Please leave me a comment and let me know?

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  1. I love this list — so many films I want to watch to get me in the festive spirit. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you Molly. ?

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