Welcome to Blogmas 2022 Edition

How can it be December? We must say it every year! Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s December, but this year does feel like I blinked, and I’m Christmas shopping! This year one thing was sure, I was going to do Blogmas! After the last three years, I’ve embraced the festive season, and I’m ready to enjoy winter (who am I kidding, I wouldn’t say I like it), but before we get into the January blues, that will come. Let’s look at blogmas past and what is yet to come. Welcome to the blogmas 2022 edition.

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A Little Bit of Normal

In the early part of this year, we were still embracing covid-19 restrictions, queueing for booster jab three and wondering what the other side of normal would be like or if there would be a normal. Things finally settled in the spring, and I’m not going to lie; we all got a little complacent with our new found freedom. We no longer had to wear masks, social distance or stick to family bubbles, and it felt fantastic after two years of lockdowns to not feel pressured. Then September came around; covid-19 hit Thomas’ school and his classroom closed for two days; my heart sank at the thought of another turbulent autumn and winter. My anxiety honestly can’t take it!

It was, however, a wake-up call that it’s highly likely that covid-19 will be making its presence known come winter. I’ve accepted that fact. It is still causing me a great deal of anxiety when masks are not required, but if a hospital, GP surgery or dentist deems it necessary, one will be handed to me. I’m okay with that, but taking a child with a learning disability to meet new Doctors, all wearing masks, isn’t the best way to communicate. Plus, my hearing is awful with muffled mask noises (hahaha), but I digress.

Green Christmas Tree
Photo by Toni Cuenca

So it appears our new normal is just no one knows what the hell is going on, and since social distancing has disappeared, people seem to have forgotten about personal boundaries when queuing.

Previous Christmas Posts

I thought the best place to start would be to share some Christmas content from the past. Everything from Christmas hampers to Christmas crafts, even before we get stuck into blogmas 2022. Please, do have a browse.

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Person Decorating a Gingerbread Man Cookies
Photo by Nicole Michalou

What can you expect for Blogmas 2022

I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my up-and-coming content.

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Along with a tree and decorations, the first of December means that chocolate is officially back on the menu for breakfast! Do you use advent calendars? When does your Christmas tree go up? Do you embrace Christmas or hide away as long as possible? Please, leave me a comment below.

It’s the 1st of December! We wish you a very Happy Blogmas!

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