Experiences Worth Having Before Debuting In The Professional World

You might be looking at the prospects of entering the professional world very soon. You want to make sure that you’re both bringing the resume that helps you get the job while also ensuring you’re not missing out on anything major before you start a life of work. Here, we will look at some of the experiences worth having before work becomes your full-time occupation.

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Taking an internship

Internships might have become something of a dirty word amongst the more labour-aligned minds, and it’s not for nothing. However, there is no denying that finding the right internship can lead to such a huge leg up in a career. Even if you don’t get the connections that build the path to your next job, you can still build some valuable skills, not to mention experience that can give you a bit of a head-start in the labour market.

Volunteering with a nonprofit

If you’re against internships, there are still ways to work for free that can greatly benefit you. Volunteering brings about many of the same benefits. Even if it’s not as professionally oriented as an internship, it can still help you build connections, build skills, and build the experience that helps you get ahead. It also gives a little back, helping the environment, people, and maybe even the planet. That also happens to look really good on a resume.

Taking the time to travel

There are experiences outside of work that can be very valuable to your career and personal development, all the same. When it comes to developing confidence, competence through life skills, and communication skills, travelling can be inherently valuable, whether alone or with a student travel company. Plus, once you step into the working world, you might find that you don’t have quite as many opportunities to travel so freely again, so it’s worth taking advantage of the chance you have now.

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Running a blog or website

There are a lot of good reasons to consider running your own digital space as an amateur. For one, starting a blog allows you to network, write on things that you’re passionate about, and build a working schedule that can transfer to your career. However, the growing majority of jobs nowadays will demand some level of digital competence from you. Getting to grips with running a website will help you become more used to using digital tech if you’re not already.

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Raising funds

Some volunteer experiences may involve fundraising efforts, but you can take the time to start your own fundraising campaigns, as well. Aside from giving you vital experience in organizing a project that has outreach with the greater population, it also shows great initiative and the willingness to do things under your own steam, which is a skill that many employees value a lot.

So long as you’re doing something, anything that offers life experience or skills, it will be useful for your career and your development as a person. 

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