Five Costs To Think About When Having A Baby

It has many years since I have had to think about the cost of having a baby (and no I’m not pregnant). You see so many items available to buy, mum influencers sharing their essential baby items and believe me babies are expensive, it is estimated that bringing up a baby can cost anything upwards from £2k a year and that’s just in the first year! Baby-related expenses will change your budget without a doubt. As you prepare ahead of time (which is a good thing to do!), how can you get a realistic idea of what you’ll need to spend? This post, I will share with you five costs to think about when having a baby!

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Baby clothes aren’t necessary for tiny babies. The list may not be as long as you think, even though you need some essential items (such as a car seat and a safe sleeping area). During your first year, you’ll need a few crucial items, both at home and when you’re away. These are the items you’ll need.

Car Seat

Generally costing between £80 and £400, an infant car seat is required by hospitals so you can take your baby home. You don’t need to worry if you can’t afford a more expensive model. The same safety standards must be met by all car seats sold in the United Kingdom. It’s essential to buy a new one. Second hand or old car seats can come with outdated safety standards or maybe too worn and damaged for safe use. Foryourlittleone has some great options. 

Pushchair or Pram

Strollers that fully recline for infants are a must, especially for newborns. Starting at around £100, they can reach about £1,000 (yikes!). An umbrella-style stroller (£25 to £100) is an excellent option once your baby can sit up independently. They’re lighter, smaller and easier to manoeuvre. Until the baby can sit up unaided, you’ll need a flat-lying pushchair or pram. We personally used a travel system the first time with a fully reclining seat (we travelled a lot in the car) and wanted something quick and easy before opting for a more cosy travel system which converted to a carrycot for our second. Both have their advantages, but it’s really up to how much walking, car travel or how much shopping you need to fit underneath!

Cot, cribs or moses basket

Ideally, infants should sleep with their parents during their first year and at least for the first six months of life in their own separate sleep space. Moses baskets, mini cribs, and next to me cribs can all be used: Budget options start at about £150, while most models cost between £100 and £250. The most expensive models cost £1,000.

Nursery Furniture And Decoration Costs 

It is possible to get away with spending as little as £150 on a cot and mattress for the basic set-up. Where can you find a second-hand cot for much less? A used cot may be cheaper, but it is less safe for your little one, mainly if it’s over ten years old. (The good news is that your baby won’t need a cot for a while after they are born if you have a Moses basket or similar). If you are offered a second-hand one from a friend or family member and it is relatively new, make sure to buy a new mattress! If you are planning on something ultra-deluxe, then your costs can quickly sky-rocket. 

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Clothing And Other Accessories Costs

There are a lot of adorable outfits, even those tiny ones. Lastly, bouncy seats, activity centres, nappy pails and other baby items will be required. You’ll most likely receive those kinds of gifts from friends and family, which is excellent. Take advantage of baby gift registries (Amazon have one) to encourage this trend (and lessen the burden on your budget). Complete the look by buying second-hand items. Due to the rapid growth of babies, it is easy to find good quality, barely used items on the cheap.

A plan and savings can reduce first-year expenses. To figure out how to budget for a baby, ask a friend or family member with young children if you’re unsure about certain expenses. You can probably expect them to share some insight into their spending habits – and hopefully reassure you that the money aspect of parenting is always manageable. 


  1. Having a baby definitely isn’t cheap. I am looking forward to the time when I have a baby. Thank you for sharing.
    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      It certainly isn’t but there are so many more options now. The internet is great for cost comparisons, sales, second hand, nearly near, damaged stuff. Also with our first we went mad and bought everything imaginable and some of it was never used! We learnt that with our second. You don’t need EVERYTHING and all at the same time!

      1. Definitely will buy mindfully when I have a baby.

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