Guest Post: Tips for Camping with your Pet

It is always the best time to go camping with your pet or your four-legged friend and have fun in the great outdoors of Australia! While it is not recommended to take rabbits or cats out with you, it can still be great for you and your dog!

Family camping with dog laying on grass

Camping with your pet can be enjoyable and a beautiful bonding experience. However, it requires extra planning. If you have never been camping with your pup before, we have put together some tips to help you out:

Location MATTERS when camping with your pet

Before thinking about all your packing essentials and activities, it is important to think about the place for your camping adventure. You do not need to worry as there are loads of dog-friendly campsites across Australia to choose from. You will not be able to choose yourself, so few things that might help you before making the decision are:

  • How far away is the place? Can your dog get through the journey?
  • Are there any dog-friendly areas for walks & activities nearby?
  • What are the on-site facilities for people and dogs?
  • Are there any on-site places to dispose of your dog’s poop?
  • Can you safely let your dog play off-lead anywhere?
  • If you plan to have meals outside, are there any dog-friendly restaurants nearby or on-site?
  • Are there any places where your dog wouldn’t be allowed?

Consider the weather too. As Australia has different climatic zones, make sure your dog will be able to get through any warmer weather. Like cars, caravans and tents can quickly heat up to the highest temperatures in warm weather, so ensure your dog is not left alone in them. And camping during the rainy season is a spoiler, especially with muddy paws all over. Always check the forecast before heading out.

Your Dog’s packing list!

Your dog’s packing list is more important than yours! You may require some extra things for them compared to staying in a hotel or cottage. There are a few must-haves you should carry:

  • Doggy first aid supplies
  • Their medications, if any.
  • Plenty of poop bags
  • Some dog-friendly toys and long-lasting treats
  • A towel for any unexpected jump into water or mud
  • Some comfy blankets to keep your dog warm at night
  • A waterproof bed, you can easily wipe off dirt or mud if any.
  • Phone number of a vet local, to where you will be staying
  • A tether is most important to consider
  • Collapsible food and water bowls

Microchip your dog and ensure that the details are up to date before you go and they always wear a collar and a tag.

Keep them busy

In Australia, we have some beautiful destinations to explore and go on long walks. But not all of our furry friends can go walking for hours, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy the camping trip with you.

Know more about the area you are visiting if there are any dog-friendly activities to do. If your pup is used to having fun in the water, then paddle boarding and canoeing could be a fun activity. Or perhaps, they would enjoy playing with you on the beach.

Whatever your dog likes to play with you, make sure you get plenty of opportunities and activities for it there!

Practice to make it perfect

If it is your dog’s first camping trip, you must give them time to get used to it before you go.

You can pitch your tent in the garden and give your dog a chance to explore and get used to it in advance of the trip. Reward them for showing interest and when they voluntarily go inside. You will need to treat them with their favourite treat.

Once they get used to with the tent, try setting it up like you would for camping. Again let your dog get used to this and set a comfy bed inside that will be theirs. Reward your dog for getting in the bed and spending time there.

Group of trekkers with dog resting on mountain top
Photo by Aldiyar Seitkassymov from Pexels

After this, try spending a test night out in the tent. It is not funny; it will help your dog get used to camping in a familiar environment before the campsite.

Sometimes it can be challenging to put up a tent, so it is a great idea to have something to keep your dog entertained and secured while you are out. A toy, safe chew or travel crate can be perfect.

If you are taking a caravan, your dog still needs a bit of a time to get used to the experience. Practice in the same way you would do with a tent. When you are on-site with your dog, you need to keep them under control. If travelling with a caravan, Xtend Outdoors Pet Enclosure is the perfect option that ensures they do not roam freely when you are relaxing in your caravan. The shade mesh enables privacy, protection and a safe fully enclosed area for your pets without compromising the view. This specific caravan dog enclosure provides the perfect solution every time you pitch up to a caravanning site. 

Teach them good manners

Campsites can be really fun and exciting for dogs who love to be outdoors and roam around, and sometimes it is hard to contain that excitement for them! It is suggested to brush up your dog’s basic training before heading for camping with them. Also ensure your food is kept safe in the sealed containers, away from your dog or you may find there’s nothing in there for too long.

Make sure your dog’s recalling sense is perfect before taking them out somewhere. When the dog comes back to you perfectly every time at home, start practising in the parks or other busier places to see how they get on with the distractions around them. Do not forget to reward them with their favourite treat while you make them practice.

If you think your dog may be more curious and hyperactive after coming to a new place, consider taking a tether along with it so you can enjoy being outside the tent or caravan without worrying about whether your dog will run off to somewhere in the campsite.

Dog Beside Bag
Photo by @rrinna from Pexels


You need not think twice after keeping in mind all the above-stated tips to take care when camping with your pet. Just pack the bags and head out for a great adventure with the fur buddy by your side. Nothing will excite you more than this!

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Danny Smith is CEO and Founder of  Xtend Outdoors Australia which manufactures and sell caravan annexes, awnings and accessories. He just loves caravan holidays and frequently blog about caravanning trips, parks and tips.

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