How to Create a Stronger Community Around Your Blog

There’s a big difference between a blog with readers and a blog with a loyal community behind it. If you want to make sure your blog has a real future, it’s best to start creating that kind of community around the blog. But how exactly can you do that? There are so many sites out there offering advice on blogging for beginners but not many who discuss communities. That’s the question we’re going to look to answer today, so read on now to find out more about this and how you can create a strong community of your own.

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Start by Being Yourself

The first and most important thing you can do to start creating a stronger community around your blog is being yourself. When you remain true to yourself and what you’re trying to achieve on your blog, people will appreciate that honesty and rawness. No one’s going to feel emotionally invested in a blog if it seems false or unrelatable in some way.

Discuss Things on Social Media

Having open conversations with people on social media is vital in creating a community around your blog. It’s next to impossible to create a cohesive community if you’re not interacting with people directly. An inability to discuss and engage will only lead to readers slipping away, and they certainly won’t become more interested in creating a community when that engagement is lacking.

Create a Platform That Promotes Engagement

If you want to make sure you’re able to grow a strong and passionate community, you should think of creating a platform for those followers. They can then access your premium content, talk to you and socialize with each other in a dedicated online realm that’s just for them. It’s perfect for a passion-fuelled community, so it’s an option that you should definitely explore.

Keep it Consistent

Keeping things consistent is something that’ll be really important to your audience. They’re not going to create an organic community around a blog that often goes inactive for long periods of time. The blogs with the best online communities tend to be the ones that create content and public regularly and at consistent times. Your audience wants to know when they can expect to hear from you next.

Respond to Readers in Your Posts

When you’re writing your blog posts, it can pay off to address conversations and debate ongoing in your community. You can even respond to people’s comments or posts, as long as it’s done in a friendly and constructive way. It can be a good way to recognize and engage with your audience, and it’s something many people will appreciate.

For your blog to be a real success, you’ll want to have in place a community of people who are genuinely excited about your blog and what’s being posted. Sometimes there is so much information surrounding blogging for beginners that the crucial bits are lost, and we forget that as bloggers, we should be supporting each other! A community of people offers stability, encouraging repeat readership and is better for everyone, so make the most of the advice outlined above.

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