Blogging: Looking to 2020 and Beyond…

It’s hard to believe that on the 18th January 2020, my blog will be a year old! It’s been a rollercoaster of a year both personally and professionally. I wanted to write so much more and plan so much more content but blogging is a bit of a mind field. However, I do feel more prepared for the next year and beyond. This post is Blogging: Looking to 2020 and beyond.


Blogmas 5: My Tips on How to Stay Safe on a Night Out …

It’s that time of year again, Christmas parties are in full swing, drinks down the pub with Mum friends, Dad’s having a couple of beers after work. Here are my top tips on how to stay safe on a night out this Christmas.


The Cantan Chronicles: What Happened In August

Back in July, I posted ‘What Happened in July’. It’s something that I feel I want to continue with for the few months. I do have plans to grow it into more of an email newsletter type thing but for now please check out What Happened In August. The summer holidays, Disneyland Paris, family time and blogging.


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