My Weight Loss Battle – What I’ve Learnt about Dieting!

I was scrolling through my previous posts of 2019, and this popped up from January 2019. I was full of optimism for the year ahead, and I would crack this weight loss in 2019! Sadly it didn’t go so well but before we get into that, let’s read how it was last year! My weight loss battle and what I’ve learnt about dieting. 

January 2019 – The Month of Optimism

Being overweight is nothing new to me. I’ve spent most of my adult life overweight. But two years ago, I got into the obese territory, and with a current BMI of 34.3, I have attempted to do something about it.

Weighing Scales
Weighing Scales

I am a size 16 and find the thought of clothes shopping torture! At 23, I was a size 12 and enjoyed a variety of clothes, then two kids later and two dress sizes later, and I’m considering surgery!

Sounds drastic, but I’ve been there and got the t-shirt. I’ve tried various diets and plans from weighing grains to measuring every drop of milk. But I feel it’s unhealthy. I should be watching what I eat, eating a varied diet but not kicking myself because I have two more grains of rice! 

Slimming Groups

I have craved support in the last 10 years; weight loss is a lonely journey whether you do it online or you do it at a slimming group. I have attempted both on various occasions. It feels like you are part of this winning team, egging each other on to succeed. It feels like that in the beginning, week 12 and slimmer of the week is consistently the same person, and you begin to feel that they have this secret they aren’t sharing with the group. 

They are all alike in many ways, you pay a joining fee, and you get a pack of goodies (not the food variety), and you have a reason to weigh those grains, but it gives us hope that we aren’t alone in our fight against the flab. 

If you are considering joining any slimming groups I’d suggest reading about them first as Weight Loss Resources has a great review system. 

The Support Group

Friends and family have assisted in supporting me with various clubs and groups, but ultimately I fail if I don’t see results in weeks! This has been the last 11 years of my life! I’m an instant result kind of gal; I want to stand on those scales and consistently lose two or three pounds a week. Any gains and I feel the pressure, of course, we all have bad days, weeks and months (it has been known). I think as a society, a size 16 dress is seen as too curvy; I will admit that when I was a healthy size 12, I said I’d never be a size 16 (guilty) and yet here I am very much a size 16 with all the lumps, bumps and stretch marks to go with it. But I don’t feel unhealthy, I don’t feel that I’m eating badly, I eat salads, vegetables and I walk regularly, but I get on the scales, squeeze myself into my jeans, and it’s a different story. 

weighing scales
weighing scales

I am not alone in this; there may be millions of people fighting a battle with their weight, but this is my battle, and we are all very different. I feel it’s important to talk about our eating habits and food positively. Work is a great source of motivation for me as I’m surrounded by gym addicts, runners and generally healthy people. Consider finding a support group without your friendships or family. 

Not Another New Year New Me

We’ve all been guilty of seeing the new year as a NEW START or a NEW JOURNEY. I guess in a way I am, but 2020 is the year that I not only lose weight, but I’m also considering my career, my five-year plan (got to have one of those), family life is changing, and I want to include some new skills to my portfolio. 

Girl in gym
Gym Workout

Back in the summer of last year, I’d really struggled to diet. I approached my GP, researched online, and spoke to friends, but there is no magic cure for obesity. My GP prescribed me Orlistat as a weight loss aid and recommended swimming. I was too scared to take the tablets as I was afraid I’d be ‘leaking’ with one mere sneeze (I kid you not). Then I realised pills aren’t the answer. My mindset is the answer. I tried various apps, some paid, some free, but the ones I liked wanted £50 a month, and I couldn’t afford it. My GP recommended a referral to a weight loss programme locally. Sadly, although my BMI is over 35, I don’t have an associated medical condition like diabetes or heart disease. 

It got to the Autumn, and in all honesty, it was a low point. I found excuses that it was no point dieting as ‘Christmas’ was coming and it wouldn’t work anyway! I was hoping that it doesn’t sound like I haven’t been exercising. The advantage of a disabled son and a special trike is any excuse for a walk. 

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So here we are in January 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade and a fresh new gym membership! I am starting 2020 how I should have started in 2019. I’m starting slowly, twice a week, then a swim, and I will attempt a pilates class. 

What I’ve Learnt About Dieting

  1. Headspace and mental health are important – Self-sabotage is real!
  2. It’s never just one more biscuit!
  3. Don’t hate yourself for having a bad day – stress eating is a killer!
  4. Kids leftovers are free for all 
  5. Be smart and savvy with meal planning
  6. Weekly treats are a great motivator – I’m not saying a bottle of wine and an Indian take out aren’t an option but maybe a glass of wine and a fake-away recipe. 
  7. Drinks count – watch the milk, sugar and squashes.
  8. Try a new meal once a week to take the boredom out of healthy eating
  9. Try meals as a family – it doesn’t have to be one meal for you and a different meal for everyone else. 
  10. Don’t obsess over weigh-in’s or scales – I have known people remove earrings! 

My weight loss journey, like so many years before, starts on Monday 20th January 2020! I can already tell you that I will obsess, groan, miss Greggs sausage rolls and be dying for a Costa treat after my gym sessions, but I also know that it’s okay to have a Costa treat once in a while, that Greggs make the best tuna crunch baguettes and 2020 I will lose at least two stone!

Going out out
The Before Photo

Who’s with me? Virtual training buddy, weekly weigh-in friend, that little person in your ear saying ‘it won’t make you happy’. I’m often reminded of the Little Britain sketch ‘Fat Club’ (something that I aptly named Slimming World at the time). ‘Dust’ for the next six months, I will be eating ‘dust’. 

But seriously, whether you are beginning your weight loss journey, you are halfway through, or you are nearly there, you’ve got this! You are in control, and you can make yourself feel better! 

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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you Sophie, it’s still a constant battle.

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