Social Activities With Friends That Don’t Involve the Pub

It can be enjoyable to spend some hours in a classic pub with friends; there’s no doubt about it. However, sometimes it can begin to feel as if those times are happening too frequently or if, like in the UK, you are currently looking for alternative social activities with friends while we are slowly coming out of a lockdown and counting down the days. Until the pubs reopen! It’s important to remember that while the pub will always be the easiest option when you want to see your friends, it’s not the only option. There are plenty of things that you and your friends can do! Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most fun options, none of which can be considered inferior to the pub. 

Visiting at Home

It could be that you like spending time in the pub with your friends, but there’s an issue: it’s expensive and currently closed due to Covid-19. There’s no denying that if you want to enjoy the privilege of visiting a pub, then you’ll need to pay for it. Every once in a while, it’s fine, but every week? That’s a big monthly bill. Instead, why not look at inviting people around to your place or spending time at your friends’ homes? There you’ll get to enjoy dinner, wine, your own music… and it’ll cost a fraction of the price if you build your own garden bar. Wickes are selling them and offering detailed guides on how to build them as well! If you are interested in this then don’t forget the essential items either, this post covers most of those. It’s worth thinking about making your own bar or at least getting some essentials as you can easily recreate a pub atmosphere at home for much less money.

Find an Activity

If you’re looking to mix the routine up a little, consider starting an activity with your friends. It’s always so easy to tell them ‘I’ll see you in the pub’ but, as we said above, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s the best option. It can take a little more effort to organise going for a hike or starting a sport, but you’ll be glad you did. You’ll get to spend time with your friends while also getting fit and healthy

Start a Team

Of course, while finding an activity is a good start, it’s also true that it’s hard to make it part of your social group’s lives. You’re unlikely to go for a hike each week unless you’re committed, for example. One good idea for making a positive change and furthering your bond with your friends is to start a sports team. The sport you choose isn’t important, so long as it’s a team sport like rugby or football. You can design your own football or rugby kit and then compete against other teams in the area. You’ll find that playing with your friends (losing and winning together) helps take your bond to the next level. And, should you ever need to raise some extra money to fund kits, equipment, etc., you could check out these fundraising ideas for sports teams and get an event organised! 

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Weekends Away

If you take a break from the pub for a couple of months, then you’ll soon find that you’ve plenty of extra funds in your bank account. At that point, why not look at using the money for a weekend away with your friends? If it’s spring or summer, you could go camping. If it’s the chillier months, then a little city-break either at home or abroad will do the trick — and be a lot more memorable than the pub! Obviously, with travel restrictions in place for a little while longer, it might be that a weekend away is something to think about in the summer months.

No one can deny how exciting it will be to return to the pub garden in time but perhaps rather than rushing to the pub; you could consider different social activities until things are a little bit more normal. Let me know which activity you can’t wait to do once lockdown eases?

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  1. Great tips and ideas besides going to one location all the time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you Rebekah. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  2. Some interesting ideas about alternatives to the pub. It’s more challenging with the pandemic and the need to limit the size of your bubble! Thanks for sharing!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      There is this strange balance with social bubbles and socialising. Thank you for reading and comment 🙂

  3. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I like to have friends over for a game night. Everyone brings their favorite board games and we play and chat and have a great time together. It’s free and so enjoyable! Love your suggestions so much!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I love the sound of a games night! That could be quite a laugh after a few drinks! hahaha.

  4. Definitely coming over to a friend’s house is a great alternative. More intimate also since you get to see their space!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      It so is, I love chatting with my friends in the comfort of their own homes. Can’t wait for restrictions to be over, so I can do that again!

  5. Having a picnic is also an idea! Just have to make sure you’re keeping your distance from others at the park!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I couldn’t agree more, picnics are great with friends especially with the current restrictions. 🙂

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