What to Consider When Moving to Canada from the UK

If you are considering moving abroad, Canada is a country to consider. An excellent standard of living, a strong economy in a constant search for a qualified workforce. Not to mention the people known worldwide for their hospitality make it very attractive to immigrants worldwide. The world’s second-largest country offers beautiful landscapes that captivate all nature lovers. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Canada was declared the best place to live in a survey in which 20,000 ex-pats participated. Thanks to the common language and close ties between the two countries, Canada is attractive for many UK residents as a place to start a new life. Statistics show that it is in the top five countries that British people choose when moving out. This article will highlight the most important things you must consider when moving to Canada from the UK.

Two official languages

Canada has two official languages, English and French. However, French is used to a significant extent only in the eastern parts of the country. In Quebec, the use of French is mandatory in public places and regulated by law, so knowledge of it might be required for some jobs. But even there you won’t have any problems with everyday communication. However, maybe this is an excellent chance to learn a second language.

Rocky Mountains and a Lake
Canada has an excellent standard of living, a strong economy in a constant search for a qualified workforce.

Public healthcare

The Canadian healthcare system is one of the best and most open in the world. As in Great Britain, the state provides free health care to its citizens and permanent residents, as well as some people with refugee status. It means that you can get essential medical services for free. However, Canadian provinces and territories operate their separate healthcare systems. That means that the standard of care and services you receive and availability may vary depending on where you live in Canada. For example, all provinces provide permanent residents full health care immediately upon arrival except for British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec. These provinces have a three-month waiting period, so taking out private health insurance may be a good idea. Also, remember that using public health care means you’ll have to wait a bit for service.

Top Education

The government spends a lot on education, and as a result, many world-renowned educational institutions are available to all. According to research, both children and adults are content with the educational system in the country. So your kids would love to go to schools in Canada.

People graduating
The government spends a lot on education, so Canada has a strong educational system.

The literacy rate in Canada is 99%, with 90% of residents aged 25 to 64 having at least a high school education and 56% holding a bachelor’s degree. As with the health system, the provinces manage education, which is why there are individual differences in the curriculum and some other aspects of education.

Public school education is free and available to everyone, usually starting at the age of five. The upper age limit for compulsory education varies between 16 and 18, depending on the province in which you reside. The cost of university education is somewhat lower than in the UK.

Pay attention to the climate when moving to Canada from the UK.

One thing you should be wary of when moving to Canada from the UK is the difference in the climate. Neither of these two countries has warm weather, but winters in Canada are much harsher. In general, the UK has milder weather. Britain has warm summers (not as warm as in other European countries) and cool winters, which are not as harsh as the ones on the continent. In Canada, on the other hand, summers are short and chilly, and winters are usually exceedingly cold. The weather becomes colder and colder going toward the North. The south of Canada is much warmer. That’s where a couple of big cities are. So, according to the professionals at centennialmoving.ca, if you plan to move there, it would be best to choose a place in the south where the weather is not so harsh.

Trees and cars covered by snow.
One thing you should be wary of when moving to Canada from the UK is the difference in the climate.

Low crime rate

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. According to the Global peace index, it is in tenth place in the World. In comparison, Great Britain is in the 33rd position. Crime rates are low, and the police are easily accessible and trusted. The people are friendly and will offer to help you if you need it. Canada is an ideal destination for families looking to make a fresh start outside Britain. The inclusiveness and openness of society in Canada will help your children to find new friends relatively quickly and to organise life in a way that suits them best.

Cost of living in Canada

On average, salaries in Canada are not very different from salaries in the UK. The average salary in Canada is about 2700 pounds, while in Britain, it is 2300 pounds. Of course, as in Britain, average salaries are somewhat higher in large cities than in rural areas. In addition, jobs that require specific skills are paid more than others. That is why you should carefully check the job market if you’re moving to Canada from the UK.

Household bills

Household bills are a significant expense you should consider when calculating your total living expenses.

Bills are similar to those in the UK. Recent figures show that the UK’s average utility bills (including heating, cooling, and water) average £173 per month. In Canada, on the other hand, the average utility bill is $175 per month, which translates to approximately £113.


Movie ticket prices are not significantly different in Canada compared to the UK. Meal prices in restaurants are somewhat higher in Canada, but you will pay less for clothes. Please note that the prices displayed in stores do not include the tax, and expect your bill to be higher at the register.

Prices in a coffee shop.
Expect your bill to be higher at the register.

Final words

So, to sum it up, moving to Canada from the UK isn’t a mistake or a wrong decision. It is a great place to live and if you aren’t sure about making Canada your home, we hope we have helped you. It is crucial to inform yourself of all the technical details because the more you know, the easier it will be!

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