10 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you look around our house at Christmas, you will often find a Christmas craft from years before. A battered snowman, a paper angel that has seen better days and homemade baubles with cotton wool snow and a cute photo. I could throw them out, but the sentimental value means more than the item. It’s a part of their childhood, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to that yet. You probably get exactly what I mean. It’s hard to part with the little things sometimes. It has been a few years since I attempted crafting of any kind with my children but it got me thinking about the 10 Christmas craft ideas for kids that we loved to create.

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There is something to be said for Christmas traditions whether it be choosing a real Christmas tree, placing the star on the tree, baking biscuits with your Nan or making homemade Christmas wrapping paper. Some of these things become family traditions without even realising, and others are passed down through the generations. It can become effortless to sit in front of the television and click Netflix and Christmas movie, and while that’s great, there are some straightforward crafts that could keep them entertained for half an hour.

10 Christmas Crafts Ideas for Kids


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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little baking. From biscuits to cakes, there are plenty of Christmas biscuit recipes to choose from or you could design your own. Kids love getting in the kitchen and mixing the ingredients and it really can become a family event.

2. Card Making

Card making is one of my favourite Christmas Crafts, such a simple activity. You can print out Christmas colouring pages, encouraging your child to colour to them on and then cut them out and stick them on some card or grab some paints and design your own for a more personal Christmas card for Nanny.

DIY Christmas Cards
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3. Snowglobes

The wonder of the snowglobe. They have entertained kids and adults alike for generations. You can now make your own! A family photograph or a lego figure are just some of the options I have seen this year. There are some great kits available, some with figures which the kids will love.

4. Baubles

There is something cute about DIY baubles. That was our go-to activity when the kids were young. You could put chocolate, sweets, pom poms, tinsel, glitter, and there are unless options. Hobbycraft has everything you could need and have a how-to guide.

5. Christmas Wreaths

Photo by Luna Lovegood from Pexels

There is something about being artistic that I wish I’d been gifted with. I’d love to make the perfect Christmas wreath with baubles and holly and the full works, but every year I let it pass me by and don’t even buy one! There are many tutorials on Youtube that I really don’t have the excuse. Maybe next year? That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t there are so many options to dow ith kids from paper ones, bauble ones, hanging hearts or stars. So many examples to give a try this year.

6. Hot Chocolate Station with Homemade Chocolate Powder or Bomb

One of my favourite traditions is the hot chocolate station/counter or area. I love searching Pinterest for examples and inspiration. Over the years I have tried chocolate sticks, sachets and powder but I’d love to make my own hot chocolate bombs. You could easily make the chocolate bomb or powder together and place it in mason jars and create a little display (if you have the room).

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

7. DIY Christmas Clay Pots

I saw this in a magazine once, and it was so sweet. It doesn’t have to be expensive. A few clay pots and paint a face on a pot, with a few bits you could find at home or a pound shop. It’s such a fun decoration to make. If you get the whole family involved, you could create a window or a table display.

Some of these things become family traditions without even realising, and others are passed down through the generations.

8. Sparkly Snowflake Tree Decorations

Lollypop sticks are just the go-to for all crafts, right? You can even get coloured ones, and a couple of felt tip pens add some embellishments and glitter, and you’ve got a cute tree decoration. It’s a quick 15 minute craft but always a good one.

9. Tree Angels or Snowman

I remember when my daughter bought home her first felt tree angel from nursery. It was so cute that after a few years, I packed it away in one of our keepsake boxes. There are now many different versions of tree angels that you can make. They don’t even have to hang and can be made from various available materials.

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

10. Tree Hanger with Photo

I have always loved tree hangers! We have had many versions over the years, and they just hang so well on the tree, and every year I swap the photo for a recent one. I’m going to mention those faithful lollypop sticks again because they are so handy to make your own frames or star shapes. There are also kits you can buy that are also so cute!

So, that’s it! My 10 Christmas craft ideas for kids. What are you going to try first? If there is something you just adore doing with your family, please drop me a comment below. I’d love to read about them.

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  1. When I used to work in a primary school, I loved doing all the crafts that the children were doing as it was so much fun! These are great craft ideas for the kids x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you Lucy, I feel quite sad this year as I’m not sure if we will be getting many Christmas crafts from school this year. Strange times.

  2. These are all such great ideas especially making cards it is such a cute idea.

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you Sarah,I struggle with finding the time these days but would be lovely to make cards again.

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