4 Must-See Drinking Spots in Brighton

I never need an excuse to head to Brighton! I often wish I could spend more time there, but it’s been a struggle to find the time since my university days. I love a good mooch around the vintage shops near the Lanes and checking out some of the vibrant restaurants, and what’s a trip to Brighton without a bar or three! While its daytime hops are known to be vibrant, colourful and creative, Brighton’s nightlife is equally as captivating. The thriving pubs, clubs and campy parties bring the evening to life in Brighton! If you aren’t familiar with it, the charming seaside town is located in East Sussex and is perfect for a person who likes quirks and eccentricity in their daily lives. If you are someone who wants a drinking place with character to top off your day or begin your evening with friends, here are five must-see drinking spots in Brighton! Or five truly unforgettable drinking spots.

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Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three

If you are looking for an unforgettable cocktail experience in Brighton, look no further than Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three. Located in the basement of a “secret speakeasy basement” on the Brighton Seafront, Alcotraz is a uniquely immersive experience. This faux prison is the perfect drinking hole for someone looking for a daring, criminally fun experience.

Allow yourself to be swept up in the mischief from Wednesday to Sunday evenings, sip on exciting cocktails and don your orange jumpsuit. If you choose to accept, your mission is to smuggle in illegal contraband (AKA alcohol for those exciting cocktails) in the most daring ways possible! This is an experience you do not want to miss out on when you are in Brighton, and it truly is one of the most unique drinking spots in Brighton.

Proud Cabaret Brighton

This iconic Brighton nightclub is sure to be a night jam-packed with debauchery, indulgence and quirky fun! Order a finely crafted cocktail or a delicious meal while enjoying the world-class cabaret performance at Proud Cabaret Brighton.

The cabaret show includes burlesque artists, aerialists, and fire breathers performing alongside each other in a ballroom-chic, elegant environment. It is a trendy venue for live music, and it is a widely suggested destination for vacationers to visit and enjoy themselves.

If you find yourself unable to check out Proud Cabaret in its shadowy glory, check out their brunch options instead!

The Tempest Inn

Have you ever had a cold one with the boys in a cave? Maybe it is time to re-think your life decisions!

At the Tempest Inn, Brighton’s Seafront pub offers its patrons downstairs a unique experience. As you enter the bar’s lower level, the Tempest Inn’s warm lanterned lighting bounces off the beautifully utilized, calm cave exterior is a drawing point for many.

You can enjoy colourful cocktails and a mellow pint below, or stay upstairs to dance the night away to live music or savour a meal by the seafront. The night is yours at The Tempest Inn!

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With its incredible collection of artisanal cocktails, like the Smoked Coffee Old Fashion, Bohemia offers patrons a luxurious lounge to lay around and drink. You might feel transported to a nightclub in New York with a chic, dark aesthetic—complete with a rooftop terrace. Bohemia is worth the visit, whether you want to chat with friends, create new memories on the first day, or soak up the live Jazz band.

Brighton Seafront – Drink with the girls 2016

Have you checked out these drinking spots in Brighton? Brighton’s nightlife is on another level and the perfect place to head to for a well overdue girls weekend this summer! Now, if you are a parent like me, it may have been a while since you ventured further than your local pub, and I get it. But Brighton equally has much to offer during the day and the early evening. I have spent many a lunchtime sitting at a bar having a cheeky glass or two with friends, and I think we could all do with doing something a little different this year!

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  1. I can’t wait to travel again! I will def keep Brighton in mind as I’ve never been to the UK and honestly never out of the US (sadly).
    Love a good restaurant and pub (i’m a foodie)
    And the drinks look delicious

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I highly recommend Brighton for a stopover on your travels. It really is an experience 🙂

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