Guest Post: Tips for Healthy Eating when Travelling with Kids

Every parent knows that getting their kids to eat healthily at home is hard. But healthy eating when travelling with kids is a mission impossible. Everyone is relaxed; the schedule is non-existent; tasty treats are wherever you look, etc. With all those factors in place, no wonder kids do not even want to consider healthy food. But, you, as a parent, must be a responsible traveller and make your and your children’s health a priority. 

Nobody says that you should eat healthily 24/7 while on vacation – there is nothing wrong with having a treat every once in a while. However, if you are not careful, those treats can quickly turn into meals, and there is no going back from there. Save your family from that unhealthy habit by implementing the following tips for healthy eating on your next family trip.

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Work on Your Immunity Before Traveling 

Is there anything worse than being sick on vacation? There is – having a child who is ill while on holiday. Unfortunately, these kinds of things happen all the time. This is because travelling to different countries usually means experiencing a different climate, time zone, food, and sometimes even different water. All of this can affect our immune system. Thus, working on your and your children’s immune system before going on a family vacation is crucial.

You do not have to force your children to drink immune boosters (pills), nor do you have to force them to eat healthy foods that they do not like. Instead, turn to creative alternatives. For instance, add hemp seeds to muffins or smoothies. Blend that hated broccoli or squash into a spaghetti sauce. Use more garlic and onions when cooking meat. Try to ‘hide’ these natural immune boosters into everyday meals, and you will have nothing to worry about. 

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If the Trip is Long, Pack Your Own Food  

If you are travelling to a distant place, your airline trip will be long. And, we all know that airlines serve food that is neither tasty nor healthy. But, you will have no other option than to eat what you are served, right? Wrong! If you pack your own lunch, you will not have to eat what they serve on the plane. Take a couple of bowls and fill them with already cut fruits, veggies, nuts, crackers, hard-boiled eggs, or whatever you and your family like to eat.

The same applies to travelling by car, train, bus, etc. Clean out your fridge and prepare healthy meals for the entire family ahead of time. Do the same when moving too, as travelling from your old to the new place or from home to your holiday destination is really not different at all. The relocation process can be tricky, especially when there are children involved, but if your meals are packed and ready, that is one less thing to worry about. 

Instead of a Juice, Sip a Smoothie 

Well-prepared smoothies are elixirs of life. Even the most stubborn child will drink it if you add some milk inside and say it is a milkshake – this is one of the easiest ways to improve your and your child’s diet. So, the next time you are on a trip, or the next time your child asks for a juice box, give them a smoothie. Yes, these are more expensive and more complicated to make, but you cannot put a price tag on health at the end of the day.

If you cannot find a smoothie store where you are, consider investing in one of those portable smoothie-makers. They are relatively small and light-weight, so be sure that they will not take much space in your luggage. Your family will always have a healthy drink or a meal during the trip with one of those.

A fruit smoothie, symbolizing healthy eating when traveling with kids.
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Stash Some Healthy Foods in Your Luggage 

We are not saying that you should load your family’s suitcases with different foods. Or are we? Well, nothing terrible will happen if you come equipped with healthy food in your bag for your next vacation. Doing this will not only ensure you and your family are eating well and healthily but will also allow for some money-saving. 

Therefore, take one suitcase (or two or three, etc.) and load it with healthy food – that is family packing tip 101. Choose the type of products that cannot go bad. For instance, pack granola bars, whole grain cereals, different nuts, etc. If your trip is shorter, you can even pack fruits and veggies and even some dairy products. However, we advise you to stay away from packing any meat products for your trip as those go rancid easily and quickly. And after all, you can easily buy that when you arrive at your destination.

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Lead By Example 

It is a known fact that children mimic their parents. They will walk as you do, and they will talk as you do. And, make sure that they eat as you do by setting a good example. So, if you munch chips and chocolate bars all they long on that trip, well, your children will do the same no matter what you say. The only way to get your children to eat healthily on your next trip (and throughout their entire lives) is to lead by example. That is, show them how great a healthy diet can be, and they will think it is great.

All good habits start at home. If you never eat your veggies, the chances are that your children will not eat them either. Thus, even if you do not like to eat spinach, make yourself. Eat it in front of your children, and they will eat it too. You must make an effort if you want your entire family to develop healthy habits and, of course, to grow up healthy. If you have built a solid foundation for a good diet and habits, healthy eating when travelling with kids should not be such a big problem.

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