How to Incorporate More Self-Care into Your Life

Being able to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself is an important aspect of a well rounded and full life. Even if you have young children, a full-time job, and a house to run among countless other responsibilities, you still need to be able to enjoy yourself from time to time. Many mothers may feel slightly guilty about taking time out. However, the consequences of not caring for yourself are stress, and generally a reduced sense of both mental and physical well-being. Fortunately, it does not matter who you are. You can always start to incorporate more self-care habits into your life.

A pot of skin care cream surrounded by lilac flowers.
Skin care is important in any self-care routine

Find Time

If you want to embrace self-care, then you need the time to do it. That means you may need to cut back on certain things. One great way to do this is to use the magic word no. If someone asks you to do a favour for them, help set up some event, or even go out somewhere on an evening when to know you are going to be tired, you have to decline. You don’t have to stop accepting everything, but enough to reduce that level of stress and pressure you feel. Also, having more time for you means you can do the things you enjoy and spend more quality time with your family.


Getting out and about and building up a sweat is a must when it comes to self-care. By exercising, you are not only doing your body a world of good, but you are also improving how you feel mentally too. Exercise floods your body with feel-good endorphins, and it is a natural stress buster. If going out and jogging is a little too might right now, why not incorporate more walking into your daily routine, or see if one of your friends want to join a dance class with you. 

Become a Minimalist

Ever heard the saying your possessions own you? Well, it is true that having too many items that no longer serve any purpose in your life can have an effect on the way you feel. A cluttered home has the power to make you feel stressed and anxious and generally cause you a reduced sense of well-being. Becoming a minimalist means you get rid of things that are no longer of any worth, you try to create a spacious home, which makes you feel free from attachments and things. The decluttering process may be difficult at first, but once you start to feel the benefit, you will find it rather addictive. Remember, you can clear out the kid’s rooms too and develop more storage space. 

Woman Doing Hand Heart Sign
Woman Doing Hand Heart Sign

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

Do What you Enjoy

You need to take some time out just for yourself where you can kick back and enjoy yourself. Whether that be reading that novel with a glass of wine, having a massage, going for a spa day, or even just watching with a couple of beers, it is important that you focus on your pleasures and don’t feel guilt for them.

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