How to Plan a Baby Shower: An Ultimate Checklist

The pandemic is surging, with Omicron taking over the world once again. This leaves your baby shower planning quite uncertain. Often, parents think about opting for an over-the-top plan for their special moment. But who said you can’t do it now? Even during the pandemic, every child deserves a celebration.  If you are also planning a baby shower and have a hard time finding the “to-dos,” this post is just for you. We have created an ultimate checklist so that you can get started with the celebrations right away!

Girl Kissing Her Mother's Belly
You can opt for florals, go for a jungle theme, or opt for a coloured theme.

Do you host your own baby shower?

Traditionally, baby showers were thrown by a family member of the parent’s-to-be. However, in recent times it is pretty common for two close friends to co-host the shower. That doesn’t mean to say that the mother-to-be can’t host her own shower with the help of a friend or relative.

Once the host is chosen, you can get down to the critical things for your baby shower:

Choose the Date and Time: Before thinking about other things on the list, you should pick the date and time. Remember to give yourself at least two to three weeks before saying “yes” to the date. Consult with your doctor so that you don’t end up with your waters breaking on the day of your celebrations. Try to do it at the end of your seven months. As the mother-to-be, you want to celebrate and not be stressing about your baby’s pending arrival.

Confirm the Guest List & budget: One of the first rules for planning a baby shower is to set a budget! This will ultimately depend on how many guests you would like to invite. Once that is decided, you can consider the venue and food options and prepare to choose your baby shower invites, opt for suitable beverages, food, and gifts. You need to set a budget for everything so you don’t go splurging.

Women Celebrating Baby Shower
It’s also about having some fun activities so that your guests also become a part of your baby shower.

Confirm the venue: Sometimes, the venue can be almost as important as the baby shower. You will need to consider the time of year, the number of guests, time of day and budget. A baby shower is great to host in a garden or living room as it creates a more intimate feel for your and your guests, and no deposits will be required.

However, if you are considering a large guest list and have the budget to match, consider a nearby restaurant, hotel, and often tea rooms offer spaces for group events. The advantage would be everything would be taken care of by the venue, so you could sit back and enjoy your shower. Once you have confirmed the venue, it’s time to get the invitations out.

Select and send the invite: When selecting the right invite, you should go over some baby shower invitations templates and add the following things to your invite. For instance, you must include location, contact information, the parent’s name, gender (if known), or the child’s name. Also, do not forget to ask for any dietary requirements, and don’t just include the registry information.

If you have an event theme, make sure to add the theme to your invite. This will give your guests an idea of what to do or prepare for your baby shower. You could opt for florals, go for a jungle theme, or opt for a coloured theme.

It is recommended that invitations be sent out at least six weeks before the baby shower, as it allows attendees to RSVP, shop for gifts and find childcare if required.

Plan the menu and the decor: When planning a baby shower, at least three weeks before the shower, decorations should be purchased, anything perishable should be bought the day before. Finalise the menu with the main hosts. Will it be a brunch, afternoon tea, or something later in the evening? The time of day will help you make this decision. Perhaps, it’s a garden party with canapes, bite-size food is excellent for mingling or maybe it’s a brunch at your favourite restaurant, and you’ve especially ordered non-alcoholic cocktails.

Planning a baby shower timeline: Most showers include games, gift opening, eating and drinking. You want to keep the activities fun and engaging to keep the guests entertained, but they also have time to chat. Allow time for arrivals with drinks before moving on to the first activity.

Women Having A Toast
It is best to serve food while gifts are being opened, followed by coffee and treats.

Baby showers aren’t only about eating and chatting or watching the mother-to-be open her gifts. It’s also about having some fun activities so that your guests also become a part of your baby shower. It could be anything like a photo booth, sharing your best memories, mocking games – bodysuit-designing, for example, or writing notes for the baby to open when they turn 18. It is best to serve food while gifts are being opened, followed by coffee and treats. Some hosts will purchase or make baby shower favours to thank their guests for coming and thank you for the baby’s gifts. These don’t have to be expensive.

Baby showers can be small, low-key affairs or extravagant events that blow your budget. It doesn’t matter; the idea should be that you and your guests have a wonderful time. It’s your special occasion, and celebrating it with loved ones will enhance your happiness. 

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