Places To Add To Your Gap Year Travel List

To take a gap year is a big choice and a big opportunity, a great thing to do before starting higher education and then eventually transitioning into the working world or it could even be later in life, between a career shift, having children or after a divorce. You will have a lot to think about. What kind of budget you will have, what to take with you, will you go alone or with friends and one of the most important things is where you will go, there are always top trending places you can visit. But do not worry, here are some of the ultimate destinations that you can add to your gap year travel list of places to visit. 

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place that offers amazing programs to volunteer; it is so important to give back so during your gap year why not do something selfless and help out others that need it. In Sri Lanka, you can volunteer with vulnerable children, Elephants, dog rescue to help the street dogs, conservation, turtle conservation to rehabilitate at-risk turtles. All of these amazing opportunities would make your gap year stand out, so why not try out some Sri Lankan volunteering.

Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of those tropical paradise destinations that are just too good to miss. There are so many things to do while visiting Costa Rica, you would be spoilt for choice. They have out-of-this-world hiking opportunities where you can explore the stunning landscapes and jungles. Always be sure to get a guide as it is extremely easy to lose your way. There are also some programs where you can work with baby turtles, including accommodation, food, and free time to explore the beautiful beaches.


Thailand is a must-visit place that a lot of travellers include on their bucket lists. It is a beautiful place to visit as well as having some amazing things you can do. There is the Elephant Hills Tented Camp which is located in the forests of Khao Sok. It is a camp-like environment where you can take part in jungle treks, nightly cooking classes, not to mention the beloved Elephants. You can feed, bathe, and learn all about them while staying there. Another place to consider going to in Thailand is the sea canoes based off the Northern tip of Phuket. They are chauffeured rafts that travel in and out of caves and offer sightings of animals like bats and monkeys. 


Morocco is another great place to add to your list, and you can look to try some volunteer programs here too. These are based on teaching English and childcare. Spending your time working and helping vulnerable children is such a rewarding thing to do as well as teaching English to disadvantaged children. Morocco also is one of the most beautiful and photographic places to visit. 

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Gap year travel is something to cherish for the rest of your life, and now more than ever, travellers are taking so-called gap years later in their adult lives. No longer is it a the norm to do it at 18 or 21, I have heard of many travellers doing it later in their 20’s, 30’s and even in retirement

However old you are, make sure yours is packed full of exciting and fulfilling experiences, give back and volunteer to help others and animals in need. It will not only look great on your resume to help stand out but will give you life-long stories, amazing photos and probably give you the travel bug.

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  1. I never did a gap year but I never knew the options were there for me! I would love to travel to Thailand on a holiday with my fiance!


    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      I’m the same. Part of it was confidence, but mostly it was a different world 20 years ago, with no social media to communicate with and mobile phones were still bricks! I want to do it in my later adult life, maybe go and spend some time really exploring Asia. You should totally go to Thailand.

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