10 Reasons to Shop Locally This Christmas

We are all guilty of shopping for convenience, that easy click and your Amazon basket is full, and with a couple of clicks, it’s dispatched and on its way to you without leaving your sofa! But do you understand where that money goes? Do you think shopping online won’t hurt the high street? Over 54% of consumers interviewed by inews said it was vital to shop locally this Christmas. In recent weeks major chains like Debenhams and M&S have announced that they are cutting staff or, worse going into administration. There are, however, so many positives to shopping locally; I want to share ten reasons to shop locally this Christmas.

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Supporting Your Local, Independent shops and businesses

Like many of us, I dread hitting the shops this time of year. I admit that I am the first to pick up my phone and google an item I want to buy, especially when I also have a reasonably good high street with various boutiques and independent shops hidden down back alleys. Spending an hour in Primark makes me anxious, and with the current pandemic, I have been more inclined to avoid the bigger towns and cities.

10 Reasons to Shop Locally

You are supporting your local community.

Small businesses are vital for economic growth and recovery; they often employ local people and usually supply services to larger enterprises. Small Businesses integrate into the local community and tailor their services and products accordingly – therefore, it is unlikely that a small business will move to a different city or country, thus keeping jobs in your community.

It’s less stressful

Battling the crowds in a larger shopping centre can often take the fun out of Christmas gift purchases (if there is such a thing). Having to navigate multi-storey car parks, pay exorbitant parking prices, wait in the cold to enter a shop due to limits (yes, this is still happening in smaller stores), and queueing to pay for parking all take extra time away from our busy lives. Still, shopping locally means you could be home having a cuppa before lunchtime!

You Find Unique, One of a Kind Gifts

The best thing about independent shopping is that its products are usually sourced locally rather than national chains and, in some cases, are exclusive to that store because they are handmade. So if you want a gift that isn’t just picked off the shelf, it’s the place to look.

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Support Your Local Farmer or Delivery Service

Have you ever considered sourcing your Christmas dinner locally rather than getting it delivered by a supermarket chain? It can be easy to forget that just down the road is a local farm shop with a deli that stocks fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can usually pre-order your turkey.

Purchase a Gift Card

Sometimes we forget that it’s not only the more prominent businesses that offer gift cards or vouchers. It’s easier than ever now to treat your friend to a pub lunch, an afternoon tea or a new hairdo.

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The Handmade Items

It doesn’t mean you have to stick to your local high street, not all of us have that option, but there are local independent creatives who make products/gifts from their kitchens. So when considering making online purchases look on Etsy, Not On The High Street, Amazon and sometimes even eBay.

Shop in Local Charity Stores

Most high streets have a charity shop, and you can find fantastic bargains. I once bought a designer handbag for £50, which was brand new and had been slightly damaged. They often buy in some gifts this time of year, so don’t be surprised if you find a Cath Kidston bargain.

Support Local Creatives

It’s not always easy for local creatives to showcase their products or services, so they often partner with cafes, rent window space and partner with local businesses. So when you shop local, you give those creatives the exposure and funding they need to grow their business.

Better Customer Service

When you buy locally, you experience the perk of purchasing from the business owner or someone who offers a more personalised or tailored service. Many smaller independent shops offer exclusive shopping evenings or private appointments for specific items like clothing, accessories or even blankets.

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Environmental Benefits

We often get into our vehicles and head to the nearest city or town for a bit of shopping but staying locally could mean you could walk, get a bus or share a taxi. It could also be spending less on parking, less time in the shops, and more time putting your feet up at home.

Avoiding The Shops

It has been a tough year for independent retailers, with many closed for most of the year due to national and local lockdowns. When shops did open, many consumers avoided shopping, preferring to make purchases online or shop in larger stores. Some businesses have even said it isn’t sustainable to reopen due to costs, while others have sought alternative options by selling products online via their websites.

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  1. I love this post! I think it’s so important to shop locally and support smaller businesses – and it’s something I’m doing a lot more xx


    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you Della, I have made a good effort this year to buy from small businesses, especially local ones.

  2. Natalie Barletta says:

    This is so true. I couldn’t agree more, since local businesses offer so much more! Many of my local shops are online!

    1. alittlebitsocial2 says:

      Thank you, Natalie. Some of ours are now online, selling through Facebook or their own websites.

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