Top Skills That Employers Are Looking For Now

It’s always good to learn a new skill. Learning different skills can come in handy for your career while also helping you to keep your mind sharp. Some skills are worth knowing for any job, and they can help you improve your work, give you confidence and maybe even help you get that next promotion. Here are some skills employers are looking for to help boost your career.

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Public speaking and presentation skills

Many jobs will require you to present at some point, and even a job interview involves a degree of presentation. But for many people, public speaking is one of the most nerve-wracking things they can do. While you may never fall in love with public speaking, there are things you can do to improve your presentation skills and develop more confidence. From practising at home to taking a public speaking course, taking steps to work on this skill will bring many benefits to your career.

Excel skills

You may have done some basic Excel work back at school, but do you know what you’re doing with Microsoft’s spreadsheet tool? This is where Excel training courses come in handy. From basic skills to how to use Excel to automate many data processes, you could be left very surprised at the different things Excel can do. Just be prepared that Excel training may lead you to become the Excel expert in your office who everyone goes to with their spreadsheet problems!

Basic social media skills

Social media is an essential part of many jobs. While there are specialist social media managers and content creators, small businesses and teams can usually be called to do some basic social media content. The good news is that there are a lot of handy online social media courses you can take to help you brush up on your skills and master the basics.

It’s also a good idea to practice with your accounts to help you learn more about how the platforms work. You could also work on how to take photos and shoot videos to help you learn to create different types of content for social.

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Leadership skills

If you aspire to lead a team and move into senior positions, then developing your leadership skills is a must. Leadership skills will help you stand out in your career, giving you the confidence to manage people, set priorities and achieve them. Even if you’re not chasing those leadership aspirations just yet, undertaking some leadership courses will help you learn a range of other skills, like communication skills, which could benefit your current role.

Adding new strings to your bow will help you enjoy continuing development in your career. Learning new skills will keep your job exciting and could open a lot of doors. Take advantage of any training opportunities that come your way to help you get the best out of your career and yourself. 

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