No one said parenting would be easy, no one can prepare you for the juggling act that is a0fb2-84a2e1_3b5b9c7f1bd843f2a2dfda30f5895469mv2raising children, add a child with special needs into the mix and it’s a whole new world. Those who know me, know that I am a strong woman who carries a lot on her shoulders. You are talking about the 30 something who enrolled at university while raising a family and working two jobs! Yes, I really was that stupid! Do I regret it? No! Would I have done it slightly differently? Yes! So if you’ve landed on this page, firstly a big heartfelt thank you! I am new to all this, so please bear with me while I find my feet.

So why am I here?

There are many reasons why I feel like I could be good at this blogging thing! I guess loneliness, it’s not easy having to care for a child with special needs. It’s not just the caring but it’s missing out on interactions with friends, nights out, family occasions, as a family we often feel isolated from real life. So, a little bit social is my way of keeping myself in the loop with life, feeling part of something and perhaps feeling that I am not defined by my caring responsibilities.

What Can I Offer?

Somewhere to chat! Someone to talk to when you are sitting alone in your child’s bedroom waiting for them to fall asleep! I want to share stories, ideas, tips & tricks, an online support network where you don’t have to feel so alone.

So if you are looking to connect with a rambling, 30 something mum with specialises in special needs, is an advocate for flexible working and support in the workplace and likes to blog about anything that is on her mind then please click the follow button and say hello!